Glen - Klamath, CA 

Klamath, Ca is located 22 miles south of Crescent City and 65 miles North of Eureka 

First Race: 1948 -Number of Laps: 2.5 -Lap Length: 26 miles -Race Distance: 58 Miles

When was its first Race?

The first river race occured in 1948, when a race was held on the Klamath River in Northern California. The race was from Yreka(approximately where I-5 crosses the Klamath River) to the town of Klamath at the mouth of the river, a distance of 170 miles. The race was held over a two day period with the midpoint at Ishi Pishi Falls where there was a portage. The boat, an outboard river skiff, carried a two man crew with a support group that followed the craft for support and help with the portage.

What’s the Race like?

There isn't much whitewater on the Klamath race course, leading to a fast race with plenty of room for the racers to stretch the legs of their vessels. Wind is a concern with gusts rushing down canyons and popping up when racers least expect it. The bay can be rough and tumble when the wind picks up due to the wind driven waves. It adds a bumpy element for the drivers until they can escape to the relative calm upriver.

Why go?

Klamath California is home to the Redwood Hotel Casino, Trees of Mystery, and the Steelhead lodge. This year, the race will coincide with the salmon festival. The Festival features live music, games for kids and high quality gifts and sweet treats sold by more than a 100 vendors. There is a Classic Car Show, a parade and cultural demonstrations.

Where is the best place to watch?

Roads in Klamath only go as far east as the Glenn, everything upriver is boat access only. The Glenn has plenty of room to watch and has a great view of the pits.

Klamath Results